How To Seduce Married Women?
How To Seduce Married Women
Playing Hard To Get
  Playing hard to get is an important step in seducing your married women. You must try to demand to her power of seduction. You should relax and let your married women use her sexuality and sensuality to "grab" you. It is important for you to realize that you know your married women is interested in you, then you can appeal to her power of seduction by playing the game hard to get.

When you know she is interested, there are a couple of things that you must do:
  • Do not call her every night
  • Do not send her romantic SMS
  • Do not make the first sexual moves at first.
You can appear to be interested in all of the above, but still hold back a little. Let her feel that you are not sure if you want the relationship to go further. This way you can make your married women feel as though she has to work harder to convince you that you do want the relationship to continue to develop.

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